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The Weather Channel Desktop

The Weather Channel Desktop 6.00.29

All your weather information right on the desktop

Some people demand a little more from their desktop. If you're one of them, then take a peek at The Weather Channel Desktop.The Weather Channel Desktop is a tool that will help you keep up to date with the weather conditions in two locations of...
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  • Alicia Perry

    by Alicia Perry

    good but could be better.. Easy to see the maps but cannot get it to show on my desktop and there is no way to ask why I can't get it to show. I would really like to use it but if there isn't a way to show the temperature in the desktop tray, then I will try something else.

  • by Anonymous

    I love the information on our desk top app.. I love the information on our desk top app. It shows us everything we need to keep up to date with the weather. Pros: the maps, weather updates high temps. Cons: n/a

  • by Anonymous

    Past Performance VERY POOR for WINDOWS 7 HOME Ed. 32 bit.. Past performances have been poor for my personal satisfaction. NOTE: The last time I tried (over a period of three months in 2014) I kept downloading copies from your competitor (CNET) that had either a virus or a Trojan program (BLACK HAT) attached. I had to completely wipe my hard drive twice & THEN, without wanting to had to set More

  • by Anonymous

    antivirus says TROJ_GEN.FC5CBFO. downloaded weather channel desktop 6 and the antivirus popped up with TROJ_GEN.FC5CBFO, on checking this out all antiviruses say the same thing about this program. it could be a false positive, but I will not take this chance so uninstalled it again with revo uninstaller. maybe the programmer should look into this.

  • by Anonymous

    why not just download weather channel from the weather channel website?. it is alot easier to just use the weather channel website to download this app! i had a little trouble, then tried net.con, then i realized that all i had to do is go straight to weatherchannel website.

  • by Anonymous

    Weather Channel bad ads. The HUGE advertisement by KOHL covers most of my weather information and I can't get it off. Pros: all Good except for huge Kohl Ad covering the information. Cons: Kohl advertisement