The Weather Channel Desktop

The Weather Channel Desktop 6.00.29

All your weather information right on the desktop


  • International locations supported
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Lots of extra weather-based tools


  • Cluttered interface
  • Some tools not available outside US
  • You will have to contend with lots of toolbar suggestions during installation


Some people demand a little more from their desktop. If you're one of them, then take a peek at The Weather Channel Desktop.

The Weather Channel Desktop is a tool that will help you keep up to date with the weather conditions in two locations of your choice. It supports international locations, and temperatures are available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The interface itself is a little cluttered, even when you deactivate ads, and is not very customizable. There are lots of integrated tools, such as allergy advice and severe weather warnings, but some are unavailable outside the US. The weather information itself is pretty comprehensive, with options such as hour-by-hour, weekend and 10-day forecasts. Of course, ambient temperature, air pressure, humidity and wind direction are all included. There is also a range of animated maps showing cloud cover and precipitation.

The Weather Channel Desktop minimizes to the taskbar, displaying just the current temperature. You can then open it by double-clicking, or right-clicking to navigate the menus. Support for The Weather Channel Desktop is available online.

The Weather Channel Desktop will make sure you stay on top of your local, or not so local, weather. It has lots of tools to play with, especially if you are interested in US locations, and will keep meteorologically-orientated gadget fans entertained for a few hours.

The Weather Channel Desktop combines practicality and fun in a fairly complete weather tool.

The Weather Channel Desktop


The Weather Channel Desktop 6.00.29

User reviews about The Weather Channel Desktop

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    antivirus says TROJ_GEN.FC5CBFO.
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    why not just download weather channel from the weather channel website?.
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  • by Anonymous

    Weather Channel bad ads.
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